Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club


Standing Rules




[UPDATED APRIL 19, 2017 and October 18, 2017]


The HTMC clubhouse was built by members in 1926 and is a state-listed historical property intended for the use of club members and their guests for the purpose of rest, recreation, and socializing, primarily in the form of day-use. HTMC members may make reservations (through the Clubhouse Committee Chair) to stay overnight or hold events at the clubhouse, albeit subject to certain fees and restrictions (as listed below). As part of HTMC’s ongoing commitment to the wider community, other local hiking and environmental groups may also apply (through the Clubhouse Committee Chair) to hold small meetings and events at the clubhouse.


1. HTMC members’ clubhouse privileges will be rescinded in the event of their or their guests’ failure to comply with the following standing rules (inappropriate behaviour, damage to the property, insufficient clean-up etc.).
2. All members and their guests must sign in and pay the required fees (see Section D. below). The sign-in book, fee schedule, and fee box are on the desk downstairs. Payment may be by cash but a check is preferred (made out to HTMC). At sign-in, members and their guests also agree to the following statement, which appears at the top of each sign-in sheet: Because of a) conditions within the clubhouse and on any part of the clubhouse property, b) human activity, or c) negligence, there may be risks of property damage or loss, injury, or death resulting from the use of any part of the clubhouse and clubhouse property; by signing in members and their guests agree to waive all liability on the part of HTMC.
3. No commercial activity in any form, including not-for-profit, is allowed on any part of the property.
4. Confirmed reservations of the clubhouse in no way denote sole or exclusive use of the property on the part of the reserving members and their guests.
5. The clubhouse is not intended for, nor is it to be used as, a temporary or virtual residence. Therefore, a member’s overnight stays are limited to seven (7) nights in any given ninety-day (90) period. In addition, the maximum number of persons allowed to overnight on the property is ten (10). Members and their guests may overnight in the bunk room (maximum four) or in the garden (in their own tents); however, the upstairs area is not to be used for this purpose.
6. The maximum number of participants allowed at a member-sponsored daytime event is fifty (50) unless an exception is granted by the Clubhouse Committee Chair, in which case additional fees and restrictions apply (see D.2 below).
7. Presence on Club premises between 8:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. constitutes day use; presence between 9.00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. constitutes overnight use.
8. The Clubhouse Committee Chair has the authority to monitor the use of the club premises and may order any activity to cease and users to leave if conditions so require.
9. Sponsoring members must remain on the property with their guests for the duration of their guests’ stay.
10. Members and their guests, when they leave, must ensure that the club facilities are in the same condition as when they arrived (or better).
11. Alcoholic beverages must not be served as an integral part of club functions.
12. Ignited combustible materials, smoking, and open flames are strictly prohibited inside and within 20 feet of the clubhouse. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the following: candles, incense, fueled lanterns, and any lit smoking materials. A metal storage locker outside and away from the clubhouse must be used to store any flammable liquids, compressed gas containers, and/or fire starters.
13. The barbecue grills must be cleaned after use and coals disposed of properly. No trash is to be burned in the barbecue pit.
14. If a member or guest uses wood-cutting or other (power) tools and equipment on the property, appropriate safety precautions must be taken and protective gear must be worn by the operator of such tools and equipment.
15. Water and electricity should be conserved at all times.
16. Cell phones should be silenced and phone use kept to a minimum.
17. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 9:00 P.M. The clubhouse is in a residential neighborhood, so any applicable city ordinances pertaining to noise must be observed.
18. Pets and other animals are not permitted inside the clubhouse at any time. Dogs on the clubhouse property must be leashed. No pets or other animals are permitted on the property overnight.

19. All non-cash donations to the Clubhouse must first be approved by the HTMC Board before such items can be left or installed on property (this includes plants) (see E3 below).



1. Club members may sponsor group activities and events, such as meetings or parties, but the sponsoring member must be present at all times during these activities and events and is accountable for any improper use of the clubhouse facilities

2. Sponsoring members are responsible for proper cleanup after group events. Cleanup includes, but is not limited to, the following: separating and packaging recyclables and trash; washing, drying and replacing cookware and utensils; sweeping the floors; general tidying up of areas used, e.g., restrooms, bunk room, upstairs, grounds, and Hau Arbor. After larger events (over fifty (50) participants), exterior cleanup is to take place between 09:00 and 11:59 the following morning.

3. Sponsoring members must ensure that everyone attending the event signs in and pays the appropriate fee (see Section D. below).

4. Up to a maximum of ten (10) people may overnight at the clubhouse (in the bunk room and/or in their own tents in the grounds). Members and their guests must provide their own linen and pillows. The day fee is waived for guests that stay overnight

5. There is usually sufficient toilet paper, but members and guests should provide their own supply of paper towels, napkins, and other disposable items for parties or events. In the kitchen area upstairs, there are pots and pans, plates, cups, glasses and silverware, a refrigerator, and a working stove and oven. In the smaller food preparation area downstairs, there is some refrigerator space, a microwave oven, and additional kitchenware. At the front of the Hau Arbor, there is an outdoor shower and hosepipe, and these should be used to rinse off any sand and salt water from the beach.



1. Members must make clubhouse reservations through the Clubhouse Committee Chair via the club website (www.htmclub.org), the calendar section of which shows all reservations and scheduled events. All overnight reservations must be pre-paid in full (a fifty percent (50%) refund will be made if reservations are cancelled with at least thirty (30) days notice). Reservations should be made as far in advance as is practical but not more than six (6) months ahead of the event. Please note that club events are given priority over member-sponsored events.

2. Club events held at the clubhouse must also be coordinated by and through the Clubhouse Committee Chair.



1. Members (including their spouses and children) pay no day-use fee. Members’ guests pay a day-use fee of $3. The overnight fee for members is $6 and for members’ adult guests $20 (under-18 guests pay $10). Please note that day-use fees are waived for overnight guests.

2. For member-sponsored events with more than fifty (50) participants, in addition to the $3 day-use fee for all non-members, the following supplemental fees apply and must be pre-paid: a) Events with 51-75 participants: $100, b) Events with 76-100 participants: $500. Members sponsoring events with over fifty (50) participants must also provide portable toilets (one for every twenty-five (25) attendees) as participants at large member-sponsored events are not allowed to use the toilets (or showers) in the clubhouse.

3. For club-sponsored events, a fee determined by the Entertainment Committee Chair will be charged to defray costs. Adults will be charged the full fee, and children 6 – 17 a half fee (no fee for children under 6). Any fees collected in excess of expenses must be turned over to the Treasurer, along with an accounting of receipts and expenses.



  1. The yard gate will remain closed except during group events. All doors will be locked when no one is at the Clubhouse.
  2. No Club property may be sold or lent without the approval of the Board.
  3. No item may be donated to the Club without the approval of the Board.
  4. No personal property may be stored on the Club premises without the approval of the Board.
  5. The Club is not responsible for personal property brought onto the Clubhouse property.



Residency is limited to a board approved members who, by his/her presence, provides a measure of security and helps maintain the premises.

  1. Members wishing to apply for resident status must submit a resume to the Clubhouse Chair. The Clubhouse Committee will interview applicants and keep their names on file if qualified for future resident vacancies.
  2. The resident must pay in advance a monthly clubhouse use fee of $180 (or $6 per day for partial months).
  3. Housekeeping and grounds care duties are to be performed by the resident under the direction of the Clubhouse Chair.
  4. The resident remains at the clubhouse at the pleasure of the Board and may be asked to leave at any time.
  5. The Clubhouse resident tenure is limited to 2 years.
  6. The Clubhouse Committee will oversee the running of the Clubhouse. The Committee Chair will liaise with the resident and submit a monthly report to the Board.
  7. The resident must not be absent from the clubhouse for more than 30 continuous days, or for more than a total of 45 days during any 12 month period, without the prior permission of the Board.




  1. Hikers must follow the instructions of the hike coordinator and must not allow or encourage others to violate those instructions. Any member who fails to comply with the hike coordinator’s instructions will be subject to┬ásuspension from all club activities.
  2. The hike coordinator has the authority to change or cancel a hike if conditions require it.
  3. A $3.00 donation is suggested for all non-members aged 18 and over.
  4. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



  1. Club members are given priority to participate in Off-Island trips.
  2. All non-members going on an Off-Island trip will be assessed $5.00 in addition to the cost of the trip. These additional funds are to be turned over to the Club.
  3. Problems on Off-Island trips must be handled by the participating group.
  4. The transportation expenses of the leader of an Off-Island trip will be paid for by the other members of the participating group.



  1. Audit committees must include a former Treasurer or other member familiar with the books.
  2. All monthly receipts must be deposited during the month in which they are entered on the books.