Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club

Get Involved

HTM has always been an ohana of volunteers. No one gets paid; everyone chips in to keep the club active, exciting and running on schedule.

We depend on our friends and fellow hikers that we vote in to manage the club’s business. Our committees are chaired by our fellow hikers because we trust them to do their best for the club. And that’s why we need YOUR kokua to keep us running. Your couple of hours each month makes all the difference. These committees can use your help. Please contact them for more information.

Trail Maintenance

Help keep our trails open and hike-able. HTMC members are encouraged to join the club’s trail-clearing crew. If you’re not yet a member, but plan to become a member, we welcome your help too! We just ask that you go on at least 1 or 2 club hikes first. Once you’ve done that, please get in touch. Email trailmaintenance@htmclub.org


Did you go on an exciting trip? Visit an exotic place? Hike the Pacific Crest Trail barefoot? How about making a presentation? Tell us about it. Show some pictures. Give a talk. Bring some mementos. All kinds of help needed: Potlucks, slide shows, camaraderie. Planning, buying, cooking. Email entertainment@htmclub.org

Clubhouse Upkeep

Every house and yard needs a little cleaning and touch-up. Plant, weed, trim, sweep, mow, whatever. Email clubhouse@htmclub.org

Make a Donation

Please give back to HTMC by sending your gift in any amount you can afford. If you prefer, you can donate to a specific fund (endowment or trail maintenance). Endowment donations will stay in the fund to grow over the years: only the earnings will be used. Trail maintenance donations will help ensure our trails are kept open. You can also make a general contribution, which will be used to support HTMC in whatever way is needed most. Mahalo for helping keep HTMC strong!

You may donate by sending a check to:

The Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club
P.O. Box 2238
Honolulu, HI 96804

On your check, please designate the fund that you are contributing to (general, endowment or trail maintenance)

You may also donate online via PayPal using the link below. In the checkout process, please note which fund you are donating to: General, Endowment or Trail Maintenance.