Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club


Hike Coordinators

These are the volunteers that give of their time and weekends to coordinate the hikes for you to enjoy. Please give them your cooperation and thanks.

  • Arnold Fujioka portrait

    Arnold Fujioka

  • Barb Bruno

  • Darrell Teruya portrait

    Darrell Teruya

  • Dayle & Jacque Turner portrait

    Dayle & Jacque Turner

  • Doug Klein portrait

    Doug Klein

  • Fred Boll

  • Grant Oka

  • Jennie portrait

    Jennie Chadbourne

  • John Braum

  • John Hall portrait

    John Hall

  • Justin Ohara

  • Karen Liliker

  • Ken Suzuki

  • Larry Lee portrait

    Larry Lee

  • Laura Owens

  • Mike Algiers

  • Nathan Yuen

  • Peter Kempf portrait

    Peter Kempf

  • Ralph Valentino portrait

    Ralph Valentino

  • Ron Miller

  • Steve Davis

  • Steve Rohrmayr

  • Stuart Ball

  • Thea Ferentinos portrait

    Thea Ferentinos

  • Udom Stamegna

  • Wil Kawano