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In addition to organizing hikes for our members, the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club continues to offer support to the general Oahu hiking community wherever possible. For information on a specific upcoming HTMC hike, please contact the coordinator of that hike.

For other inquiries, please contact the chairperson of the Public Relations Committee: pr@htmclub.org.

HTMC members may contact officers and committee chairs by writing to [title]@htmclub.org.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2238
Honolulu, HI 96804

Media Contacts

As the premier hiking club in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club (HTMC) is frequently contacted by the media, particularly when incidents occur along a hiking trail. Should you wish to reach HTMC, please contact one of our designated media contacts:

Barney Griggs

Public Relations Contact
Email: griggsb001@hotmail.com

Ralph Valentino

HTMC hike coordinator and former chair of the public relations committee
Telephone: 864-8130
Email: ralphfvalentino@gmail.com

John Hall

HTMC hike coordinator and past president
Telephone: 377-5442
Email: jbhall@hawaii.edu

Grant Oka

HTMC hike coordinator, chair of the schedule committee, and past president
Telephone: 225-3944
Email: Gokaboy@gmail.com

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