Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club


Because HTMC can gain access to areas closed to the general public, HTMC outings provide you a chance to go places you could never go, see things you could never see, and do things you could never do.

  • We share an interest in hiking, camping, and good fellowship
  • We hike every week (75-80 trails annually)
  • We voluntarily maintain many trails on Oahu
  • We have occasional trips to the Neighbor Islands and the Mainland
  • We have occasional campouts
  • We maintain a Clubhouse in Waimanalo near the beach

A Brief History

The Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club was organized in 1910 by Alexander Hume Ford. It had enjoyed an informal existence for many years before that time. Club activities ceased during World War I, but HTMC was reorganized in 1919 and has been alive and well ever since. Membership levels have varied from a few dozen to around 500 currently.

The club is organized as a non-profit organization under Hawaii statutes. A seven-member board of directors elects Club officers and conducts Club business between annual general membership meetings, usually held on the first Sunday in April. Monthly board meetings are open to all members.  The board is supported by a number of standing and special committees.

Everything we are and everything we may become depends on the willingness of our members to donate their time and energy to Club activities. We are always looking for people to help out and participate in committee activities of all kinds. We hope that you will not only join our club, but will also join with other members in making it the kind of organization that we all want to be a part of.


HTMC is governed by Bylaws and Standing Rules. All members and guests are expected to follow the HTMC Code of Conduct.